CCNA (ICND-2) OSPF key points.

I’ve been working on my CCNA and have a need to break down the concepts, configurations etc. into bite sized study topics. So instead of creating this one in my notebook as I usually do, I decided I would share some key points of the OSPF protocol. Don’t expect anything ground breaking here, but if you are also working on your CCNA or just want to review, then maybe you’ll also find this handy.  Oh and all of these are notes from the CCNA ICND2 official exam certification guide (second edition) by Wendell Odom.

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Remote computing with Logmein

There are many ways to connect to your home computer and do some sort of remote control operation. I’ve discussed in the past RDP and Powershell options, but today I’m going to focus on another tool that I find myself using quite a bit. That tool / service is Logmein . Continue reading

Google’s Android is not quite ready for the tablet platform

Google is saying that the current version of it’s mobile OS Android, is not yet ready for the tablet pc platform.  They have said that the current build Froyo is not a platform for iPad rivals, though they are hinting that they will have a tablet oriented OS soon.

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Free cloning software that works well with windows 7 and server 2008

Cloning a hard drive can be done through a variety of methods, and for a variety of reasons.  In this blog I’m going to make a couple assumptions. The first, is that you the reader, are looking to clone a drive on the basis that you would like to use this as part of a backup solution. The second, is that you are running windows 7, windows vista, or windows server 2008.

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Remote computing and PowerShell 2.0 part 1 – Getting started

It’s a pretty routine event for me to be remotely logged into more then one Windows server through Remote Desktop, or even occasionally sending a command from CMD to a remote server. PowerShell has not been left out of the game, when it comes to remote computing.  If you have a Windows 7, and a Windows 2008 machine, then everything you need has likely already been installed. In this blog I will discuss the steps needed to make and accept connections from PowerShell, and discuss running a single command on a remote computer. If not then you will need to download and install the Windows Management Framework Core package. You can find it here:

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IBM’s Jeopardy Challenge

IBM amazed people when Deep Blue beat Gary Kasparov in May of 1997. Well, IBM is at it again, but this time the game is Jeopardy, and the computer system is Watson. Watson is being built to take on some of the best Jeopardy contestants. Check out the video after the break.

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