Lexmark x9350 Network Printer Product Review.

brett Ok let me start this by saying at this time I’m awaiting the RMA to send my Lexmark x9350 back to our supplier.  We needed a network capable printer to allow us to be able to print from a satellite office to our main headquarters.  After doing some searches online we ran across a decent deal on this x9350. It is capable of both wifi and Ethernet connections and offers the normal multi-function printer tools.  But after we received it and attempted to install it, the problems started cropping up.

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Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility Issues.

brett March 19th 2009, Microsoft released IE8 to the general public and made it available for Windows updates. The good news with this version of IE is it includes improved standards support.  However for many of you who’s websites were designed with frontpage, word,  or powerpoint, you may find that your website no longer displays correctly. Some websites will be viewable by using the compatibility mode, but even that will not solve all the problems.

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Installing Subversion – Fixing Missing Dependency: perl(URI)

Without a doubt, the Missing Dependency: perl(URI) error is the most annoying error to run into when doing a quick, so-called painless yum install of subversion. We use subversion here to handle all our source code and when rolling that code out to new servers. So it’s pretty important that all our Linux servers (all running CentOS) are equipped with subversion. But time and time again, I was running into this problem and finally, through many Google searches, and compiling tips from a variety of sites, found a method that works for us here. Hopefully it works for you too.
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Power of Perl – Controlling and expanding Cpanel/WHM through the Cpanel/WHM API

When running a shared hosting environment, it is impossible to stay competitive without the use of some form of control panel. And in the world of linux shared web hosting, no control panel is as widely used as cPanel Inc‘s cPanel/WHM combo. The Cpanel team has put a lot of time and effort into the remote administration of WHM, and through that Cpanel. With a little ingenuity and not much work, really, this API can be extended to include any functions you can imagine, up to and including the system administration of the machine itself. So lets look at the basics thereof.
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Building Web Sites for Profit and Fun – Relying on Research

Researching to the internet savvy is like water to fish: we swim through and live in it. You can’t survive on the internet very long without learning the art of researching. And if you can’t figure that out, no article, course, or lecture will help. My purpose here is not to instruct on HOW to research, we know that well enough, but rather to RELY on the research obtained. In the world of web development, too often, egos become involved and overpower reason and research. A site that the target audience dislikes is worse than no site at all, despite what the designer feels about it. And so we look into the finer points of relying on our sought-out research.
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FTC shuts down CyberSpy

We’ll tackle the news first – CyberSpy (don’t worry the link is dead) was ordered by the Federal Trade Commission so cease and desist the selling of its product, RemoteSpy. What’s RemoteSpy? RemoteSpy is a keylogger, which isn’t completely nasty (more on this argument after the jump) in and of itself, however; RemoteSpy could be disguised as something else and installed without the ‘targets’ real consent – thusly allowing someone to remotely monitor everything done on that machine (from credit card transactions, to banking info, to chat logs, to emails, to… well, everything) without you noticing a thing.

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Building Web Sites for Profit and Fun – Relevant References

The great paradox of the internet is information. The internet provides such a vast array of information that just about anyone can learn just about anything about just about any subject. On the other hand, without near infinite time to weed through it all, it becomes increasingly difficult to find reliable, pertinent, and quality information. The sheer volume has become both the benefit and the draw back. And with as many tech-savvy persons as there are out there, the amount of information pertaining to web design and development is astronomical. Throughout the years, I have gathered a list of sites I have tried and tested for valuable content and who I turn to for relevant references.
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Windows Media Services Problems?

Yesterday I ran into a problem with a Windows Media Server that I found surprisingly little information about. A round of Windows updates came through which were meant to beef up security, but it also seems they were destined to Break Everything! The error message I received when Windows Media Encoder attempted to make a connection to WMS was this;

the server that received the http push request is not a compatible version of windows media services (WMS). This error may indicate the push request was received by IIS instead of WMS. Ensure WMS is started and has the HTTP Server control protocol properly enabled and try again. (0xC00D2F0C)

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Building Web Sites for Profit and Fun – a Money Making Tutorial Intro.

There was once a time when business moved with the pace of the locals, generally slow and steady. Today, business must keep up with the world and the fast pace of the internet. It’s a fascinating prospect and a momentous movement. But it can be very challenging and scary at times as well. More and more, it seems, success is dependent on the effective and efficient utilization of the internet. Throughout my sojourn in this digital realm, I have run across many who have an aptitude and a desire to build effective websites for profit but really don’t know the finer points of making a success out of it. So here I am going to expound and share some secrets I have learned over the ten years I have been doing this.
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NetworkWorld has a slide-show of 15 new technologies from DEMOfall 08. Showcased are everything from services dedicated to finding ‘spin’ in news stories, to new money management, to finding musicians for project collaboration, to RFID tags for home use, to streaming media from your house to your cellphone! Don’t worry, IT gang, there’s new ways to spy on you, new ways to monitor servers/tickets/inventory (like we need anymore of that – there’s enough open-source options to fill a colo), to a PCIe card that uses flash memory for a SAN. It’s worth the few minutes to check out. The one thing that’s strangely absent from the list is a new product to take a slide-show and put it into a normal html based page.