Roadrunner supercomputer

IBM has a new supercomputer called Roadrunner. The new computer , which was built to monitor the US nuclear weapons stockpile, can process in excess 1.026 quadrillion calculations per second. The processing power of this computer is derived from nearly 7,000 AMD Opteron processors and nearly 13,000 cell chips originally designed for use in the PS3. This is the first of such computer systems to break the petaflop barrier.

Firefox Download Day!!

Mozilla is about to release the 3rd generation of the popular Firefox browser. Tuesday June 17 is the day to mark on your calendar as Mozilla is going to attempt to set a Guiness book of world records for most downloads in a 24 hour period. The new version of Firefox is supposed to use less system resources, while a newly designed rendering engine will load pages faster then previous versions. New security features dubbed “human shield” will offer anti-malware protection and support for Extended Verification SSL.


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