Windows 7 to kill Linux; Linux to retaliate and firebomb Windows 7

It’s the same old story every year: Linux will finally dominate Windows, Windows will finally kill off that pesky open-source Linux. My dad’s better than your dad; my mashed potatoes can beat-up your mashed potatoes. The truth simply is it’s not going to pan out like that. Linux will still dominate the server world and Windows will still dominate the desktop world (and if you think vista’s failing is a sign of Microsoft’s slipping, I kindly ask you to remember Windows ME followed by the popularity of XP). So what’s new to the battle front? Well, honestly, it’s not really ‘new’ it’s just what people are talking about these days. ‘Netbooks’. And I highly doubt it will be some epic battle of Good Vs. Evil, either. Continue reading

PowerShell Tutorial the switch statement part 1.

PowerShell’s switch statement is similar to an if statement though easier to implement when you want to evaluate numerous conditions. You can use the switch statement to automate tasks such as retrieving System event log entries and performing actions based on the type of entry, and or moving and deleting files based on their file names.

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helm 3 fixes

Helm is a powerful control panel for windows hosting – it can also be a total pain in the behind. Recently I tried removing a domain from our helm cluster (which consists of 4 machines) only to receive a generic ‘unable to remove domain please contact support or try again later’. Normally I’d just reboot the cluster and try again with great success; however, this did not work. There’s an almost ‘be all, end all’ fix for helm that I’ve known about for a while now, and I continually refine and add to it. After the jump I’ll share these words of wisdom and hopefully save you a few hair ripping frustrations. So without further delay, let’s lace up our best kicking boots and get ready to stomp out some fixes…

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