Monitor your IPs with SenderScore automatically.

In a world of increasing SPAM, IP reputation has become a must-know statistic if you want to be able to send an email to a customer, prospect or even grandma. So if you are running an ISP, as we are, maintaining a good IP reputation isn’t some nice frill that makes you feel good, it’s a necessity. The problem is, no one wants to tell you what the reputation is. Sure, you can monitor the hundreds of various block lists out there, and probably should, but that only tells you when the IP’s reputation has reached a critical low. Luckily, most big email providers are turning to ReturnPath their spam complaints, feedback loops, and all those other tedious tasks that need handling when dealing with customer level email delivery. This places ReturnPath in a unique position where they can monitor, generate, and, more importantly, display the IP reputations of our IPs.

And so they do. Enter SenderScore.
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ARIN’s new website looks funny… for a reason.

With almost 60,000 IP addresses, we here at High Speed Web are VERY familiar with ARIN and their website. We are constantly SWIPing and un-SWIPing network blocks and verifying our current SWIPs are correct. Recently, ARIN’s website underwent a startling change and to many it may appear much more disjointed and funky. This is because it isn’t really written for human eyes…
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IBM’s Jeopardy Challenge

IBM amazed people when Deep Blue beat Gary Kasparov in May of 1997. Well, IBM is at it again, but this time the game is Jeopardy, and the computer system is Watson. Watson is being built to take on some of the best Jeopardy contestants. Check out the video after the break.

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