Windows Media Services Problems?

Yesterday I ran into a problem with a Windows Media Server that I found surprisingly little information about. A round of Windows updates came through which were meant to beef up security, but it also seems they were destined to Break Everything! The error message I received when Windows Media Encoder attempted to make a connection to WMS was this;

the server that received the http push request is not a compatible version of windows media services (WMS). This error may indicate the push request was received by IIS instead of WMS. Ensure WMS is started and has the HTTP Server control protocol properly enabled and try again. (0xC00D2F0C)

The fix for this problem was pretty simple, although difficult to recognize.

First open Windows Media Services by locating it in the start menu.

Second, On the menu to the left, you should see the name of the server with a plus sign next to it. Click on the server name.

Third, Click the Properties tab on the left hand side of the window.

Fourth, click on Control Protocol in the category menu.

Last, make sure that the ” WMS HTTP Server Control Protocol ” is enabled under the plug-in menu.

That was the issue with the WMS I was working with and correcting that fixed the problem for me. So if you are trying to push a WME stream to WMS check that setting before your aneurysm sets in.

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