Webcam Multitouch Interface, Nvidia 4Gig RAM graphics Card, Vmware for Your Phone

I watched one of the most amazing videos I’ve seen in a while – It’s of a “multitouch-like hand gesture interface” that uses only a standard webcam. I could describe it for you, but really, you need to see it for yourself . I can only imagine how this will affect even just the design aspect of computing, among many others. Amazing, even for being in early development.

Watch the video here!

Stick around after the jump to hear about a new Nvidia Quadro graphics card with 4gigs of ram and how vmware is wanting to bring virtualization to your cell phone.

Nvidia announced the FX 5800, a graphics card that has a whopping 4 gigs of ram! The FX 5800 “has a memory bandwidth of up to 102 GB per second, and fill rates for the beastie exceed 52 billion texels per second” as well as ” a geometry performance of 300 million triangles per second”. If that doesn’t make your jaw drop, maybe the price will – the MSRP is $3,499. You might be wondering, as I did, who would need such power in a graphics card? Well the card is aimed at those in oil and gas exploration, advanced medical fields, and of course those in design fields who need the best of the best. Gamers are strangely absent from the list of target consumers but I’d imagine there’s quite a few foaming at the mouth right now over this release.
Vmware is banking on mobile phone virtualization being as popular as server virtualization. Vmware has “announced a new VMware Mobile Virtualization Platform based on technology it acquired with France’s Trango Virtual Processors last month”. the goal is to give mobile users “benefits of multiple mobile operating systems using just a single handset”. The current list of supported technology includes Linux 2.6.x, Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0, Symbian 9.x, and phone operating systems eCos, µITRON NORTi and µC/OS-II. It’s projected that by 2012 half of all smart phones will be shipped with virtualization capabilities.

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