Turkey Technology!

turkey! Thanksgiving is quickly approaching here in the states and my blog entry this week will focus on (albeit lightheartedly) turkey cooking technology! Prepare to add a high-tech twist, transcending some time-tested traditions!

First of all, if you don’t know how to cook a turkey, consult with real life chefs via chat at Chef’s Line. There is a fee, but preparing the perfect turkey for your pesky in-laws makes it worth it.

The Halogen Oven boasts a 50% drop in turkey cooking time over conventional ovens. TurboChef has an oven that will cook a turkey in about 40 minutes. Don’t like traditionally cooked turkeys? Char-Broil has an infrared turkey ‘fryer’ that promises to produce a turkey as good as the fabled deep-fried kind only without the mess or the oil. Don’t trust some fan-dangled ‘infrared’ turkey fryer – Masterbuilt has a counter-top electric fryer that promises a safer turkey frying experience. And if, by Jove, you must deep fry a turkey with a gas source, read Alton Brown’s Turkey Derrick schematics! Make sure your turkey is completely cooked with the Connoisseur Digital Infrared Thermometer which can tell you the temprature of your bird without ever even touching it.

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  1. Living in South Africa I’ve never had the pleasure or opportunity to cook a turkey. Chickens are about as big as it gets around these parts, and the average oven or BBQ works just fine to roast these fellas in.

    What exactly is it about the turkey that makes it such a challenge to get it prepared just right?



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