Windows Server 2008 Live Migration.

brett Coming in 2010, with the release of R2 for Windows Server 2008, is the new to Windows service called Live Migration. Live Migration is Microsofts version of VMware’s VMotion service which allows you to move Virtual Machines across servers without having to shut them down.

Well there is nothing special or unique about Live Migration, or at least none that have been revealed at this time. Instead its apparent that Microsoft is very much playing catch up to the already available technology. Though this isn’t really a bad thing.  Ward Ralson says that Live Migration will be included with Server 2008 for free, as opposed to VMotion, which currently is sold as a stand alone product from VMware. (, InstantDoc ID 101319).  Ok so free is cool, of course free comes with the windows server 2008 price tag, but if you already have 2008 or plan on moving to that platform then this could help you if you decide to also use Hyper-V.

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