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brett If you have ever used XP or Vista’s native cd burning software you know how limited it is for even the most basic of tasks such as burning a audio cd.  Now personally I liked a free software called CDBurnerXP.  However for one reason or another, (usually .net framwork), the software keeps breaking and I have to spend time repairing it. So I decided to test a few softwares and see what worked well for me.

Ok first off the line is CDBurnerXP, which like I said, I’ve had some issues with. It is however a good software and hopefully you’ll have better luck with it then I did. It has many features available with commercial packages, and a decent web site that offers more support and even offers tools such as lightscribe and other types of cover printing.

My next favorite is InfraRecorder, which has become my utility knife of burning software for windows.  It burns data, audio, video, iso’s, and copies disks. It has a light weight interface and works with most of my computers, my laptop excluded.

Express Burn is another software that claims to be the fastest burner in the world. Now personally that isn’t a big selling point to me, and their free version lacks the ability to burn video and other limitations in hopes that you will buy their Express Burn Plus product.  And while I haven’t used this software, I can also say I’m not interested other then to maybe see how fast it is, just because.

Deep Burner comes highly recommended, but again offers a free version in hopes you will buy the pay for version.  The only thing I don’t like about Deep Burner is that they have more then one software to use if you want to burn video’s or even rip disks.  I prefer that there be a single software that does all the tasks I may or may not need.

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