Lexmark x9350 Network Printer Product Review.

brett Ok let me start this by saying at this time I’m awaiting the RMA to send my Lexmark x9350 back to our supplier.  We needed a network capable printer to allow us to be able to print from a satellite office to our main headquarters.  After doing some searches online we ran across a decent deal on this x9350. It is capable of both wifi and Ethernet connections and offers the normal multi-function printer tools.  But after we received it and attempted to install it, the problems started cropping up.

Normally installing a network capable printer is a routine task. Install the drivers, select the port you want to use (tcp/ip), and for the most part go. Yes I’m over simplifying the process, but not by much.  Installing the x9350 though wasn’t even close to this procedure.  First of all I could not simply add the printer through add printers, even as the administrator. I was forced to use the Lexmark installer, which is a bit odd, but not immediately problematic.  However the installer would not see the printer on the network. I could install it just fine with the usb cable, but that defeats the purpose of having it as a network printer, unless I want to chain it to another print server of some form.

So I called Lexmark tech support, and yes, the techs are in India.  And while I have no doubt our Indian IT counterparts are more then qualified to handle support calls, it doesn’t make their accents any easier to understand. Nothing personal, and I don’t mean to knock their abilities, but when I’m already frustrated by an unusual and needlessly difficult printer install, it would certainly make things a bit easier if I could readily understand the person trying to help (Are you listening Lexmark????).  With that said, they were obviously having a hard time understanding me as well, because even after repeating it a number of times and to a number of tech’s, they kept insisting that I was trying to set this up as a wireless printer. I even asked them to remove any instances of wireless anything from my support ticket, though that proved to be about as futile as this printers ability to connect across the WAN.  Finally after stumping a couple of techs I was transferred to network support and got a tech who seemed to speak English as a first language.  She again guided me through the install from start to end, only to achieve the same results I did, no x9350 printer in windows printers.  She put me on hold to consult another IT staffer, who then told her that all network ink jet printers use MAC address as opposed to TCPIP to simplify the installation and make it easier for the installer to find. MAC addresses are not however route capable and thus I will not be able to use this network printer on our network. Which leaves me at the point I stated at the beginning of this blog post, as I am currently waiting for my RMA to send this printer back to our supplier.

To sum things up, I never was able to use this printer because Lexmark decided to create a port / protocol that is incompatible with the standard tcp/ip port already present in EVERY Operating System. And Lexmark has needlessly hurt their own product by trying to simplify an already easy operation. And for the people who would have difficulties setting up a network printer, those people would have to call tech support anyway, which just makes their attempt at simplifying this process a completely mute point.  I will certainly think twice before purchasing a Lexmark printer in the future, and well given the same amount of time to read reviews etc prior to buying a new printer, I’ll just assume Lexmark does not make a product that will fit our business needs and start my search with their competitors. If I were to give them a score between 1 – 10, Lexmark would have to provide me the points to achieve a positive integer.

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    • Then allow me to clarify. My grudge absolutely lies with the Lexmark x9350. My comments regarding the support staff in India were added to illustrate the point, that a difficult to understand support is not the same, nor is it as effective of a support option, as one that is readily understood. And I’m quite certain that should the roles be reversed, that unfortunate citizens of India were being forced to call the United States for technical support, that they would also have more difficulty understanding my accent then someone native to them.

    • ok yea, Internet explorer can cause problems connecting to network devices. To allow a network location;

      1. Go to the Control Panel and open Internet Options
      2. Click on the Security tab.
      3. Click trusted sites.
      4. Click the button named Sites.
      5. In the space provided under “Add this website to the zone:” type the IP address of your printer.
      6. Now make sure that the check box labeled “Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone” IS UNCHECKED.
      7. Click Add, then Click close.

  1. The India angle aside, I’ve not, in 15 months been able to network our x9350. I have two laptops and two desktops. My wife uses the printer, but our children need to print too, but the only way to print is over the USB connection. Every time I connect the printer to our network, it acquires an invalide IP (169.x.x.x). I’ve been on 10+ calls with Lexmark support and doing every thing they ask, the IP address will not resolve to a valid address on my network. Until I can achieve that impossible feat, this printer will NEVER be network compatible. What I didn’t know, but understand now thanks to BrettW is it uses the MAC address, which is just stupid. And I am frustrated with the Lexmark printer install tool, it is just overly cumbersome, particularly when it fails every time to find the network.

    Thanks for the information BrettW.

    • Yea Andrew its a real pain in the ass, my recommendation is to forget about trying to make that printer do what it should, by description, do. Instead we decided to go with the HP Officejet 6500, which has worked perfectly on the network.

  2. Hey guys, it would be nice to have a bit more info on the problem. Brett & Andrew, did you confirm that the printer was connected to your network at all (i.e. obtained a valid IP address)? You can verify this through the network settings screen once connected to the network (setup –> network setup –> TCP/IP).

    In Bretts’s case I’m guessing the issue may be with how the “satellite” site connects to the main office. Is this network connection a VPN type tunnel or other? Did the x9350 obtain an IP address? If so, can you ping the printer via a command prompt? If not, then the issue may be due to limitied access to the full network from the satellite site.

    In Andrew’s case…are you connecting to the network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet? Did you verify that the active network selected is indeed the intended network? You can check which is selected via the printer op panel: setup –> network setup –> active device

    Let me know if these suggestions helped clear things up….

  3. Oh and just to clarify…..Lexmark network printers route via IP address as any network appliance does. The MAC address is only used to help assist in the installation process as a means to identify the correct printer being installed (i.e. in the case of more than 1 Lexmark printer being on the network). The installation utility also displays the IP address of the printer if one is dead set on using that option.

  4. Does anybody know how to get the drivers for lexmark x9350 for windows 7? A friend of mine has a printer for more than 6 month and was never able to use it… she does not have the disk anymore and would like to connect it wireless in her office! I would like to help her but I can not find drivers for win7!

  5. I have a x9350 which prints and receives faxes but shuts off when I try to send a fax or photocopy anything. The machine is not yeat three years old. The repair shop told me that parts aren’t available and to get a new one. Lexmark said the same thing and offered me a 20% discount. Is this for real?? How can this printer be garbage already? Does anyone know anything about repairing them?

  6. I have a x9350 which prints and receives faxes but shuts off when I try to send a fax or photocopy anything. The machine is not yeat three years old. The repair shop told me that parts aren’t available and to get a new one. Lexmark said the same thing and offered me a 20% discount. Is this for real?? How can this printer be garbage already? Does anyone know anything about repairing them?

  7. I too had headache after headache trying to set network printing with my Lexmark x9350… Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to setting it up AFTER the refund/return period. It’s a great printer otherwise. We’ve sort of managed with USB for awhile. Now I’m just debating whether to get a print server or another network-enabled printer. I don’t think I’ll buy Lexmark printers ever again though; there are plenty of other capable network printers that ACTUALLY WORK!

    As for India support accents, it DOES take time to develop an ear for the accent. I know since many of my coworkers are from India.

  8. I also have Lexmark 9350. and it is no doubt being such a troblesome. I have been able to use it on my network on windows XP no problem at all. and recently we upgraded our system to windows 7 … the problem start there. I can print no problem at all. but I cannot use the fax function from PC at all. as the fax solution software never pop up to ask. or it just give me error message the fax solution is already running, when I look at the printing queue the document i ask to fax just sit there in queue, i try restart,cancle, pause whatever else you could possibly do. it does nothing and still sit happily in the queue. finally i try restart computer with high hope it will be ok but no. so i gave up faxing from PC.

    2nd painful problem i have got is. laxmark trying to be super smart by making us unable to install the lexmark software without connecting the printer to the PC or Server. or on the same network.

    as my office require to remote desktop and be able to print out. but in order to do that. the machine where I remote to. need to have the same driver as the machine that use as RDP terminal. so basically I can’t install the laxmark super genius driver on other side because it cannot see the printer connect to that PC.

    and the 3rd problem i have got is the driver that i went to download from lexmark website i was hoping it would work with W7 for the fax solution thing. but no it doesn’t work. and it doesn’t even have driver or faxsolution sub software.

    so this i my ultimate solution.


    .less problem to deal with.

    even brother which i thought it a lower grade. but it turn out to be working better less problem and lastly their software not trying to be too smart like lexmark software

  9. Yeah well, the sage continues with Windows 7 64 bit Pro. It all works fine in installing with cjs9300EN BUT the moment you turn the PC off you can never again communicate with the printer. Also, although the 64 bit drivers (really Vista) were installed it seems that it faults from the 32 bit driver no longer working. Beats me. Tech support was terrible too. On rep told me to be patient that they are working on it. Several Months? Give me a break. This is Lexmark printer #2 in this house, and also the last. Shame on Lexmark.

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