Remote computing with Logmein

There are many ways to connect to your home computer and do some sort of remote control operation. I’ve discussed in the past RDP and Powershell options, but today I’m going to focus on another tool that I find myself using quite a bit. That tool / service is Logmein . The reason I like this tool as opposed to some competing solutions, is that Logmein allows you to control up to 5 computers for free. I find this to be very useful for having a location where I can access my workstation at the office, my home computer, and home server, and of course lend a hand to my parents or anyone else I trust. Logmein has many solutions though, and the free tool is there most basic. Logmein Pro is there next step up for most people which allows for multiple users to control the assigned machines. Their other products fill a variety of needs, including a platform for techs to remotely support unknown or known clients who request help from a website that you control.

Setting up an account is easy, and the interface is pretty straight forward.  Since Logmein is accessed through their website, and remote control granted from there, you can use the service from any internet connected PC.

If you have a need or desire to access and control a PC you regularly use from other locations, then I recommend giving Logmein a test drive.

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