Must not sleep. Must warn others.

Chances are if you’re a geek meets nerd, semi-anti-social, A&E broadcast family addict – that is to say, anything like myself – you probably enjoy a little bit of  ‘ye olde  paranormal musings’.  If, for no other reason, the stories seem to be well thought-out.  It’s September, which, according to my local Walgreens, means it’s almost Halloween.  Let’s have a little spooky fun.  We’re going to thrash the transmission by skipping the clutch and slamming it into reverse warp!

And now for something completely different…

Fox News has a story regarding “more than 120 former or retired military personnel” speaking about  “an ongoing and alarming intervention by unidentified aerial objects at nuclear weapons sites, as recently as 2003”.  Wait, do what now?

That’s rather odd – 120 retired military personnel speaking about UFOs shutting down nuclear missiles and whatnot…

What, the UN appointed an alien ambassador?

I think George Clinton should get the job.  He’s clearly earth’s foremost expert on motherships.  I know.  I’ve personally witnessed him summoning one.

If, for nothing else, you have to scratch your head and wonder: are we really trombone?   Alone, I mean alone.  Sorry, Dr. Funkenstein distracted me.

Now you may ask yourself, “Jakob, do you believe in aliens?”  To which I’ll reply “As far as humanoid aliens from outer-space?  No I’m doesn’t.”  At least, not until I see Mrs. Mazlan Othman show us one.  Or I get to meet one in person.  I do find the stories and conspiracy theories fascinating, but purely from an entertainment standpoint.  However, the amount of coverage these stories are receiving online is pretty interesting.  120 people sounds like a great deal and I’m sure what they all witnessed wasn’t easily explainable; however, I’m far more inclined to think the origins of such accounts are far more terrestrial than extraterrestrial.

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