Microsoft’s Hotmail a Hot Topic (RANT)

If you have ever dealt with MS you have probably sighed in disbelief at the conclusion of you interaction with them. Frustrating? Yes! It makes you wonder how they got to be as big as they are…

MY experience with them as the Mgr of our ISP has been so frustrating due to the lack of understanding I encountered, with 57,000 IP’s you would think MS would understand the importance of  having a way to communicate with them on a different level than say a single end user.

NOT! I have to endure the forms that were designed for the end user, answer the questions that do not relate to my issue, send off an email and hope to get a response that justifies the amount of time I just spent.

Does that ever happen? NOOOOOO!

I am continually sent the same forms to fill out that I just sent, I get all the way to the point of getting digitally signed documents (which I return) for the JMRP and never hear from them again, all the while my customers have difficulty send email, they get no bounces half the time which makes the issue even worse. Use the SNDS tool to monitor your mail.. yes we do.

Does it help? NOOOOOOO!

Email Reputation and actual blocked IP’s don’t always show up on the SNDS! So how do we maintain a good IP Reputation with them?

The simple answer is…


Microsoft really needs to work with companies like us so we can solve email delivery issues, but because they don’t they actually help create the issues they are trying to make go away! Maybe its job security. If you want to use free email I do not recommend Hotmail especially if your mail is critical because sooner or later you will have a delivery issue that will take days and more likely weeks to solve.

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