Expand your desktop with Synergy.

The other day, several clients from up north came to visit as we helped them launch a new marketing product. As they sat watching me pound out code on my computers, they were quite curious about my three monitors. They watched me flow back and forth amongst the three, changing this, checking that, saving here, reloading there… normal operations for me, but not for them. One, who had some previous programming experience, asked if I preferred Linux to Windows. I replied that both had their uses and so I was using both. He was somewhat taken aback by my statement and looked closer at my monitors.

Yep, two windows, and one linux…
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Remote computing with Logmein

There are many ways to connect to your home computer and do some sort of remote control operation. I’ve discussed in the past RDP and Powershell options, but today I’m going to focus on another tool that I find myself using quite a bit. That tool / service is Logmein http://www.logmein.com . Continue reading

Free cloning software that works well with windows 7 and server 2008

Cloning a hard drive can be done through a variety of methods, and for a variety of reasons.  In this blog I’m going to make a couple assumptions. The first, is that you the reader, are looking to clone a drive on the basis that you would like to use this as part of a backup solution. The second, is that you are running windows 7, windows vista, or windows server 2008.

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Multiple parallel audio streams from multiple audio sources on one Wirecast license.

We were recently presented with an interesting problem by a long time local customer and friend to many of us here at High Speed Web. WRHI is a local media center running some 6 radio stations. They stream these stations over the internet with us currently via RTMP, Adobe’s proprietary streaming protocol. This works great when streaming to flash enabled browsers, but when their customer base increasingly demanded mobile device compatibility, WRHI had a problem. With Adobe and Apple, the maker of the famous iPhone, iTouch, and iPad, in a pissing match over the future of streaming mobile technology, WRHI needed to be compatible with both. After some research, Wirecast was chosen as the streaming encoder and Wowza as the streaming server. These were chosen based on their flexibility and inter-compatibility. The bigger issue was streaming 6 streams from the same box. Their original solution had them running 6 separate streaming servers.

But that didn’t sit well with my inner nerd.

Plus Wirecast is $500 per license, and 6 licenses versus 1 didn’t sit well with my inner banker.

So here’s what we did…
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Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility Issues.

brett March 19th 2009, Microsoft released IE8 to the general public and made it available for Windows updates. The good news with this version of IE is it includes improved standards support.  However for many of you who’s websites were designed with frontpage, word,  or powerpoint, you may find that your website no longer displays correctly. Some websites will be viewable by using the compatibility mode, but even that will not solve all the problems.

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6 – 7 versions of Windows 7 WTF?!

windows_7_graphicI wasn’t a fan of Microsoft’s decision to put out umpteen versions of Vista and I’m still not a fan of this marketing tactic in regards to Windows 7. Microsoft released details today that they will be releasing 6 versions of Windows 7 plus a an N version for the EU that will ship without Media Player installed.

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A new SSD by ACard

ACard has a new Solid State Drive that supports up to 64Gb of DDR2. While this particular model ( ANS-9010 ) was designed as a 5.25 drive they also have a model designed for 2.5 drives. While you will be able to increase speed over traditional drives, you won’t be saving any money at $399.00 and no.. Ram isn’t included.

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Windows 7 details leaked.

Computer World is reporting that some of the new features for Windows 7 were leaked on the Microsoft site (which since, they did it, wouldn’t it be an announcement and not a leak?) today. Like Vista, Windows 7 will come in a few varying flavors from home, Enterprise, to ultimate. The encryption tool, BitLocker, will make another appearance in windows 7 as well. One new feature (not a bug!) will be Driver Protection. Driver Protection will more or less block ‘unstable’ drivers from coming through windows update – something that’s rather plagued vista (where’d my CD BURNER go?!). Details regarding Alpha testing for the OS are expected to be announced later today.