Partition madness!

So, you’ve found out the hard way that your ESP wasn’t quite correct when setting up those Linux partitions? Your root directory is almost full, while your home directory is almost empty (or vice-versa)? Thinking about reinstalling that machine? Not so fast! There are tools available to re-allocate partition space – GParted being my favorite. GParted is a free, open source tool to re-distribute disc space to new or existing partitions. You can get a bootable “live cd” here. Simply boot your server, or machine, off this disc and follow the basic setup instructions – the defaults are normally fine. Once GParted starts, you can remove allocated disc space from partitions that have too much space (by using the ‘move’ option) and give them to partitions that don’t have enough. It’s a very simple and easy to use interface. Once you remove some disc space from a partition, apply it, then select the partition you want the disc space to go to and add it there, then apply again. Reboot and you’re done. Depending on the size, type, etc of hard discs you’re using and how much space you’re moving around, it could take quite a while to complete. All in all it’s a very painless and easy way to reallocate partition space.

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