Mom, Apple Pie, and Linux

Having purchased an Asus 701 (4G) netbook a couple of months ago, I was very surprised to learn this week that novice PC users, like students and housewives, tend to buy the Linux version of the Eee PC701. My choice of the Eee PC701 was dictated by the fact it came with Linux pre-installed, my personal preferance for any computer, but to see the general public warming up, and actually prefering this hottest selling device in the PC market with Linux was refreshing. Weighing in well under 2lbs, and with built in wifi and webcam, these little machines are perfect for email, chat, web browsing, and music. If you’d like a more advanced experiance, the EeeUser site is filled with tips and tricks to get your mini laptop doing nearly anything you could imagine, and a few things you never thought of.

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