Net Neutrality is a pretty basic concept – keep the net open, and unrestricted to any content. Google does a pretty nice job of summing this up a little more in depth: “Network neutrality is the principle that Internet users should be in control of what content they view and what applications they use on the Internet. The Internet has operated according to this neutrality principle since its earliest days… Fundamentally, net neutrality is about equal access to the Internet.”

Late last week, the Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin seemed to share this thought by “moving to prohibit ComCast from throttling BitTorrent traffic”. In fact, he is also wanting to reprimand ComCast for choking down on the BitTorrent protocol – a blow that would leave any NN enthusiast pretty happy. Not so fast, though: the rest of the FCC still needs to decide, which could still take a few weeks. This is definitely something to pay attention to.

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